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we have launched gps-signal-lost, because we had the desire to share our experiences with travel lovers. As the chosen name suggests, we like to travel by car: to disconnect from everyday life – and sometimes from GPS 🙂
We are Ion and Irina, both journalists and currently living in Sibiu, Romania.

We believe that we can add value to travel blogging by detaching ourselves from mass tourism. By promoting responsible and meaningful travel. We also set out to focus not only on destinations, but also on accommodation units. Cottages, secluded cottages in the mountains or in the woods, no waste hotels or environmentally friendly – we will write about it all on the blog.

Initially, we aimed to promote Romania and its tourist and cultural attractions. Therefore, the main version of our project is in Romanian. The most of the articles will be translated also into English, Russian and German. From our point of view, Romania is still little known in the world. Especially in the eastern area, where there is more misinformation, which creates a distorted impression of what Romania actually represents. But because we also like to travel outside of Romania, we thought of talking about the destinations we choose too. Welcome!

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If you would like to give us an advice, to argue about something or to praise us, please write to contact@gps-signal-lost.com. Or you can write us directly here: